Amazonite Gemstone Jewelry

by John Brana February 18, 2014

Amazonite Gemstone Jewelry

Varieties of Amazonite 

Copper Wire Wrapped Tear Drop Earrings with Amazonite

Amazonite is a colorful gemstone often used in jewelry, ranging from green, blue-green, to yellow-green. As a green variety of microcline feldspar, amazonite can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hues. Its name comes from the Amazon River found in Brazil, from which green stones were originally obtained. The name may also refer to the green shades of the rainforest along the river that were reflected in the gemstones. Due to its desirable bright green color, amazonite is commonly cut and used as gemstones in jewelry. It is generally cut en cabochon, featuring a convex and rounded polished surface. For many years, the source of amazonite’s unique colour was a mystery. Many people believed that amazonite contained copper, as copper compounds are often found with green and blue colors. Modern studies suggest that the blue-green color of amazonite results from lead found in the feldspar.

Colors of Amazonite

Chased Copper Earrings with Amazonite

can vary in color, but is most often see in green, blue-green, or yellow-green varieties. Some pieces of amazonite gemstone can also be seen with fine white streaks. The overall color of the stone will ultimately depend in the variety. Traditional amazonite, also referred to as amazon-stone, is typically seen in a pale blue-green colour. Sometimes the color sways more towards a richer sky blue. Russian amazonite is a deeper blue-green color with streaks of white. While rarer, Russian amazonite is primarily collected in areas throughout Colorado (US) and Russia.

Benefits of Amazonite

Amazonite gemstone jewelry is often given as gifts for a variety of occasions due to the host of benefits they are believed to bring the wearer. The power of an amazonite is thought to balance the masculine and feminine energy of a male and female. It is also supposed to promote practicality and kindness and help balance one’s emotions. Amazonite has several other benefits, such as giving the wearer physical stamina and balancing the throat chakra. For jewelry artists, amazonite provides a useful stone for jewelry-making.

Amazonite Cut and Clarity

Amazonite gemstones tend to be opaque to translucent; however, they are rarely transparent. Whether set in silver, gold, or other popular jewelry metals, amazonite gemstones can be used to create beautiful jewelry. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, and brooches can also be encrusted with colorful gemstones of various sizes and shapes. The style of cutting known as cabochon, results in a convex form that is highly polished but not faceted. It is often seen with a flat or has a subtle domed base.

A cabochon can be cut into nearly any shape, depending on the design of the artist, although oval is by far the most common of shapes. Amazonite has been used throughout history for ornamental decoration due to its lovely blue-green colors and diverse look. The stone can be found in the United States, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Russia, Namibia, and Australia, and the soft stone ranges from 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. Whether you’re buying the piece for yourself or for someone that you care about, use the power of amazonite jewelry.

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