Jewelry Must-Have: A Gem-Drenched Necklace

by John Brana December 15, 2015

Jewelry Must-Have: A Gem-Drenched Necklace

If you're looking to build a beautiful jewelry collection and have something for every occasion, you simply must have a stylish gemstone necklace at the ready. The word "gem-drenched necklace" might have you thinking of sparkling rubies and sapphires, but semiprecious gem necklaces are often more versatile, as you can wear them for dressy or casual occasions. We have many gemstone necklaces in the John S. Brana Jewelry Collection, and you can find the perfect one for your jewelry box in four simple steps:

1. Choose the Colors. With gemstones, it's always best to start your search by thinking about the color that you want. Start by considering what you're planning to pair with your necklace. Are you looking for something that will go with just about anything? A piece in black like our Freshwater Pearl Onyx Necklace is a great choice. If you're looking for a necklace to add color to pieces, think about what color family you prefer. Do you want bold jewel tones like our Carnelian Necklace? Pastels like our Pink Coral Garnet Necklace? Earthy colors like our Baltic and Dominican Amber Necklace? By thinking about what colors you wear most often, you can easily find the right gemstone necklace to bring color to your favorite outfits.

Freshwater Pearl Onyx Necklace

Abalone and Clear Quartz Necklace
2. Select the shape. After you determine what colors you like, you should think about the shape of the necklace. A V-shaped necklace like our 14K Gold-filled Garnet Chain Maille Necklace will suit plunging necklines like halters and V-necks. Rounder necklaces like our Keishi Cornflake Pearl Necklace are better for round necklines like scoops and crewnecks. An asymmetrical necklace like our Faceted Garnets and Citrine Flower Necklace will look perfect with an off-the shoulder or strapless look. Because you want to be able to wear your necklace with many wardrobe pieces, take some time to look at the necklines of some of your tops and dresses when selecting a shape. 

14K Gold-filled Garnet Chain Maille Necklace

Keishi Cornflake Pearl Necklace

Faceted Garnets and Citrine Flower Necklace
3. Determine the Length. Once you have made decisions about color and shape, you need to figure out just how long of a necklace you need. You may want to use string or yarn to see how necklaces of different lengths will fit. Another option is to pick a necklace that allows you to adjust the length like our Apatite Wire Wrapped Fine Silver Necklace or our Blue Chalcedony White Coral Necklace. This will give you the flexibility to alter the length to match the necklines of whatever you're wearing. 

Apatite Wire Wrapped Fine Silver Necklace

Blue Chalcedony White Coral Necklace

4. Picking Your Style. Now that you've made decisions about the color, shape and length, you'll find that your gemstone necklace options have been narrowed to just a few styles. This leaves you free to select the one that best suits your individual tastes.

There you have it--four simple steps to finding the perfect gem-drenched necklace to add to your jewelry box. Now, you're ready to explore all of the
gemstone necklaces in the John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry Collection to find your favorite.

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