Blue Chalcedony White Coral Necklace

by John Brana February 13, 2014

Blue Chalcedony White Coral Necklace

Blue Chalcedony White Coral Necklace - Detail

Stunning Blue Chalcedony Beaded Gemstone Statement Necklace

Take the powerful imagery of the ocean with you wherever you go! This necklace is nothing less than a wearable work of art. Handcrafted, each piece is totally unique! You’ll be sure to spark a conversation and total strangers will be enticed to ask you where you found this rare beauty!

Blue Chalcedony White Coral Necklace

Dazzle your senses with shimmering cool shades of ocean blue Chalcedony with Stick Coral. Handmade Aqua Venetian Glass beads, Clear Crystal Quartz, and Aqua Freshwater Pearls are accented by glistening Fine Silver Wire accent beads, creating a necklace with eye-catching bursts of color.  

Blue Chalcedony White Coral Necklace - Detail 2

Part of John S. Brana’s signature Sea Cliff collection, this necklace perfectly displays Brana’s flair for naturalistic inspiration. Both the ocean and forestry are strong themes through his popular jewelry line. You won’t find anything like it in stores; this item is one of a kind. Chalcedony has a waxy luster and is commonly white, grey and brilliant shades of blue in color. It has been used in jewelry making and for decoration since ancient times. The color goes perfectly with ocean themed designs and lends itself well to this mixture of gem, coral and beads.  

This necklace truly captures the ebb and flow of ocean waves with the chalcedony, glass beads and coral all cascading and tumbling together. A dream for any ocean or nature enthusiast, this makes the perfect gift to remember the perfect trip you took together for all times. These semi-translucent shades of blue and white look fantastic on blondes with cool skin tones but can easily be worn by almost enough because of their multicolored nature. You can’t go wrong with this charming handcrafted necklace that is perfect for dressing up, casual wear or the ultimate accessory for drinks and dancing on an island excursion.

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