Did You Know That Amethyst Has Healing Powers?

by John Brana February 01, 2010

Did You Know That Amethyst Has Healing Powers?

Natural Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst is considered one of the most beautiful varieties of quartz, if not the most beautiful. Known as the spirituality gemstone, amethyst expresses the connection between the divine and spiritual side, stimulating clairvoyance. It has a very strong protective role. Amethyst is found mainly in Brazil.

This gemstone is considered a symbol of success, because it stimulates and amplifies intellectual abilities, intuition, self confidence, concentration and spiritual capacities. At the same time, it reduces anger, impatience, nightmares, stress, nervousness, depression, improving communication between people.

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Known as a gemstone of power, amethyst has a calming effect on the nervous system, fighting against insomnia. Anybody can place an amethyst crystal under the pillow to have pleasant dreams.

Amethyst fights against addictions (tobacco, alcohol, food), insomnia (it is a cure used for snoring), headaches, allergies, acne, migraines and back pain. Some people claim that this gemstone has beneficial effects on stomach, central nervous system, digestive and endocrine system, eyes and hair. It balances blood sugar and regenerates the entire body.

Crystals of amethyst purify and transform lower energies into higher energies, having a relaxing effect. They are recommended for meditation.

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Greeks believe that this gemstone brings love and happiness, while medieval soldiers wore amethyst amulets in battles. If your problems in love are deep, then you need this healing crystal, which will purify your inner energies, balancing your life. Amethyst is known for its power to support major changes in life, whether it's about an intentional change or a painful experience like a breakup or a divorce. It will bring you inner peace and the power to forget and to forgive.

Also, amethyst is used by people who have passed through experiences that have made them feel victimized by a strong and impulsive personality. By wearing such a natural crystal, you will attract positive energies that will help you to receive and offer love. Meditate on your own desires and decide to accept love in your life, supported by the energetic power of crystals.

Amethyst is a perfect gemstone for those born in the  month of February.   Shop these handcrafted jewelry designs by jewelry designer John S. Brana featuring February's birthstone Amethyst.

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