August's Birthstone - Peridot

by John Brana August 01, 2010

August's Birthstone - Peridot

Peridot Wire Wrapped Aluminum Geometric Earrings

The History of Peridot in Jewelry

The green and gold hues of the gem, peridot, have been in high demand for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptian priests drank to the goddess, Isis, from cups made out of the stone. This connection with a higher power continued over the ages, and peridot can now be found within many medieval churches and in European artwork, specifically from the baroque period. In modern times, jewelers continue to use this stone to make stunning bracelets, necklaces and much more. For example, many amazing pieces from John S. Brana contain peridot, like his hammered copper earrings and his sterling silver starfish rings.

Sterling Silver Starfish Ring with Peridot

Peridot is August's Birthstone

Not only do the inner impurities and amazing green color of peridot make it a truly breathtaking gem, but it is also the birthstone for those born in August. Because its interior seems almost alive, peridot is representative of vitality and strength. It signifies inner power and long-lasting relationships, as well as future success and positive growth. The stone is also said to have many mystical properties such as reliving stress, healing the heart, enhancing fame, and boosting the potency of medicinal products. All of this makes a piece of peridot jewelry the perfect gift for all those August babies.

August's Birthstone in Handmade Designer Jewelry

The gem, peridot, looks great no matter where it is used. Everyone from the ancient Egyptians to the baroque artists knew of this fact. Luckily, the stone still looks fantastic today and can be found in modern-day jewelry such as rings and bracelets. John S. Brana's chalk turquoise necklace contains peridots mixed in with the other gems while his gold fold formed leaf earrings also contain the stone. No matter what item catches your eye, that sparkling green found in the peridots within will make it something you wish to wear everywhere, regardless of whether it is your birthstone or not.

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