October's Birthstone - Opals

by John Brana October 02, 2010

October's Birthstone - Opals

African Opal Citrine October's Birthstone Gemstone Bracelet

The play of light off an opal makes this one of the most unique gemstones in the world. Those lucky enough to be born in October will be pleased to know that the opal is the birthstone for that month. Whether worn in rings, bracelets or necklaces, this is most definitely a stunning stone which will make a great addition to your jewelry collection. It also has a long history and some very interesting properties which can be used to enhance your lifestyle.

October's Birthstone Throughout the Ages

Opals have long been popular throughout the ages. The Romans used to mine them from the area now known as the Czech Republic, the Aztecs used to source theirs from Mexico, and even the Australian Aborigines mentioned the stone in their ancient stories and folklore. As for its meaning, the Romans perceived the stone as a symbol of purity and hope, while the Greeks believed it gave the wearer the power of foresight and prophecy.

Boulder Opal Bronze Ring

October's Birthstone Brings Good Luck

Nowadays, the opal is believed to be a gemstone signifying good luck, beauty and allure. This dates back to ancient times when Cleopatra wore one to attract Mark Antony’s attention. Some say, however, that this unique stone has the ability to project the energy of the wearer back on his or herself. If you believe in the power of gems, then only wear October's birthstone if you are a person with many positive thoughts and deeds.

Whether you are looking for an item of jewelry for its looks or its meaning, the wide range of opal accessories now available will leave you spoiled for choice. Artists such as John S. Brana have used the stone in items such as boulder opal bronze rings and African opal bracelets. The choice is yours, so have a look to see which particular pieces catch your eye with October's Birthstone.

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