Handmade Coral Jewelry

by John Brana October 14, 2010

Handmade Coral Jewelry

Pink Coral Cinnabar Necklace

Coral Jewelry Throughout the Ages

Coral jewelry has been around for millennia. Ancient artifacts from around 41,000 years ago have been found decorated with this colorful stone. Actually, stone is not really the right word here as coral is made up of millions of microscopic organisms. Growing in colonies, they form the beautiful shapes and colors which we easily recognize. These vibrant tones can be seen in items such as John S. Brana's spectacular Pink Coral Garnet Necklace.

Pink Coral Garnet Necklace


Over the ages, coral has been thought to have supernatural properties. Even today, you can purchase coral jewelry for added protection. Black coral is known to guard against misfortune and looks fantastic when polished and set in gold. The pink coral found in pieces such as John S. Brana’s Garnet Amber Carnelian Necklace is thought to bring good health. This pink variety is found in a number of shades from almost white to salmon red and can have marbled qualities.

Variations in Coral Jewelry

There are also some rarer, more valuable types of coral. These variations grow incredibly slowly and so cannot be harvested often without damaging the fragile ocean ecosystem. Red coral was used in jewelry before Roman times and is seen as a truly passionate stone. The rarest coral, however, is gold coral which is only found in a few regions worldwide. Its mysterious chatoyance (a strange, moving inner light) makes this type of coral highly sought-after.

Blue Chalcedony White Coral Necklace


Coral Jewelry Care

Whatever type of coral jewelry you decide to purchase, care must be taken to prevent any damage. Coral is an incredibly soft, porous stone and must be packed away from sharp objects and harsh chemicals in order to preserve its beauty. By properly taking care of a piece of coral jewelry such as John S. Brana's Pink Coral Cinnabar Necklace, you will have an object which will look stunning and elegant for life.

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