June Birthstone Jewelry

by John Brana June 11, 2012

June Birthstone Jewelry

June Birthstones - Several Options

People who celebrate June birthdays have the option of choosing between several beautiful June birthstones, including pearls and moonstones. Known for their unique luster, pearls can be creativity mounted into pins, earrings, necklaces, and rings. Moonstones maintain an elegant iridescence and can be polished, carved, or set into nearly any piece of jewelry. Both of these gems provide a one-of-a-kind look when used in combination with June birthstone jewelry.

About June Birthstones:

Cinnabar Coral Shell Necklace with Fine Silver and June Birthstones - Freshwater Pearls


Pearls have been used for centuries as an adornment. The 1500s were known as ‘the pearl age’ and the gem was favorable by the Roman Empire, and later in Tudor England. They are truly unique as they are the only type of gem formed from living sea creatures that require no polishing or faceting to reveal their natural beauty. Pearls are formed when an irritant becomes trapped within a mollusk. The irritant is then coated with a substance known as nacre by the mollusk, creating a beautiful pearl.

Pearls can occur spontaneously through nature or can be man-made. When created through human intercession, they are known as cultured pearls. Natural pearls possess a delicate luster that places them amongst the most valued type of gemstone. The color primarily depends on the species of mollusk that produces it, as well as its environment.

Pearls come in a wide array of shades, including gray, cream, black, yellow, blue, green, lavender, and mauve. They also come in various sizes. The largest pearl in the world is believed to be the Pearl of Asia, measuring three-inches in length and two-inches in width. This pearl weighs one-third of a pound and was a gift to the wife of Shah Jahan, for whom he built the famous Taj Mahal.


Peach Moonstone Bronze Ring

Moonstones have a very unique appearance and are a form of feldspar. They were given their name from Pliny, a Roman natural historian who wrote that the stones appearance altered with the phrases of the moon. Layers of feldspar and albrite give the moonstone its textured appearance. They are generally blue with layers of white, and have a similar resemblance to that of scratched blue glass. Jewelry that features moonstones is an ideal choice for people who love fantasy, as well as those who prefer the bluish-greyish hues of winter. Considered a sacred gemstone in India, the moonstone is often displayed on a background of yellow which is a sacred color. They are believed to encapsulate a spirit within the stone whose purpose is to exude good fortune, making it a great choice for June birthstones .

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