Handmade Gemstone Jewelry - A Classic Timeless Look

by John Brana March 20, 2009

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry - A Classic Timeless Look

The Pacific Heights Faceted Colored Gemstone Jewelry Collection

When you think of handmade gemstone jewelry, you may think of your weird aunt, still living in the 1960’s and her macramé beaded "creations."  Or, you may think of the junky trinkets sold at your local art and crafts fairs. But not to fear, there is another type of handmade jewelry that is neither tacky, “retro”, nor prone to falling to pieces after a few times of wear.

Amber and Onyx Beaded Gemstone Necklace


Modern, high-end jewelers create handmade gemstone jewelry that will stand the test of time and hold up against any piece you could find in any store. “Handmade” does not mean “homemade” – it means that it was crafted by a professional, a craftsman, and someone who cares about and takes pride in the work they do. There is nothing quirky or tasteless about it.

If you have seen the handmade creations of modern jewelers, you will see nothing like what you imagined. Handmade jewelry can be exquisite, intricate, and timeless. Take a look at women walking down any red carpet event and you will see them adorned with many different types of handmade pieces. Jewelry that appears to come from the larger jewelers may well be handmade creations, custom-made for just such occasions. In fact, in many cases, you can’t tell a quality piece of handmade jewelry from those of famous well-know jewelry designers.


Triangular Carnelian Earrings with 18K Gold Tassels

When evaluating handmade gemstone jewelry, the first thing you must insist on is quality materials. Only the highest quality metals and gemstones should be used, and all settings and clasps must be the best available. Any reputable jeweler will allow you to see how and where he works, the materials he uses, and often the sources he utilizes to get his materials. A jeweler of character and distinction will want to design a piece of jewelry that you are proud of and one that will attract the attention you deserve.

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