Pearl Jewelry – Wear Nature’s Stunning Beauty

by John Brana August 17, 2010

Pearl Jewelry – Wear Nature’s Stunning Beauty

Gold Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Chain Maille Bracelet

The Uniqueness of Pearl Jewelry

Amongst all the gems, pearls are the most unique. They are the only stone which does not require any additional cutting and polishing by a master jeweler. Pearls are made of nacre, which is already highly lustrous, meaning that these stunning gems can be added to any piece of jewelry very easily. For this reason, pearls have been used for centuries worldwide. Previously, people had to dive for them in the wilds, whereas now, they are simply farmed. Examples of pearl jewelry are found in John S. Brana’s Sea Cliff collection where it is used for subtle appearance enhancements or to make much bolder statements.

Freshwater and Saltwater Pearls

There are two types of pearls, saltwater and freshwater. Jewelers, such as John S. Brana, use the freshwater variety which comes in a greater number of shapes and sizes. One of the most appealing types is the Keishi pearl which comes in a fantastic array of irregular, but natural-looking shapes. These gems add a very unique appearance to any jewelry that they are added to. Because none of them look alike, they can be used to create necklaces or earrings which are one-of-a-kind works of art. This adds to their overall appeal and makes them highly sought after.

Keishi Cornflake Pearl Necklace - Detail

For some examples of how pearls are used within jewelry, have a look at the collection of items from John S. Brana with pieces such as fine silver earrings containing garnets and pearls, and necklaces made of amethyst and Keishi pearls.

The Pearl - June's Birthstone

With its amazing appearance and versatility, the pearl is a gem which can be worn anywhere on any occasion. Pearl jewelry is a great gift idea for that special someone as it fits in with numerous styles and tastes. The pearl is also the birthstone for anyone born in June, and will make a great belated birthday present!

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