The Skinny on Designer Handmade Jewelry

by John Brana February 16, 2009

The Skinny on Designer Handmade Jewelry

What's the difference between manufactured jewelry and designer handmade jewelry? Well, for starters, mass-market manufactured jewelry is obviously going to be cheaper, usually of lower quality, and also lacks uniqueness and creativity. Have you ever purchased a piece of mass market manufactured jewelry, gone to a party, and seen several other women wearing a similar piece of jewelry?

Turquoise Patinated Copper Bangle Bracelet and Earrings by John S Brana

This definitely won't be the case if you purchase designer handmade jewelry.  Chances are you have a unique piece, or one of only a number of limited edition pieces, and you'll never have to worry about bumping into someone at a party and seeing that same piece of jewelry on another woman's wrist or around her neck.

Mass market jewelry is stuff that's stamped out by the thousands, with little or no human contact.  Designer handmade jewelry, on the other  something totally different. Of course it's going to cost a little more, but you can be assured that when a designer hallmarks their handmade jewelry, they are guaranteeing you a certain level of quality and trust.  The designer's name, brand, and reputation are on the line.  This seldom occurs in mass manufactured jewelry. 

Handmade jewelry is also much more labor intensive.  Numerous hours can go into creating, designing, and fabricating a single piece of jewelry, and that's why the cost for designer handmade jewelry is usually higher than mass produced pieces. 

Maintenance of your designer handmade jewelry is relatively easy.  Over time, your silver jewelry will tarnish due to the copper content in Sterling Silver. There are several commercial products you can purchase at your local drug store or hardware store that will restore your silver to a sparkling shine.   The most versatile is a polishing cloth or rouge cloth that can be used on gold, silver, and copper jewelry.  For those more intricate silver pieces like filigree or chain, all you need is baking soda.  First, make sure you do this in a well ventilated area.  Place the chain in an aluminum pan, and cover thoroughly with baking soda. Then, pour boiling water, slowly,  into the pan.   A chemical reaction will occur and the tarnish will be removed.  Copper jewelry can be easily cleaned with these cleaning methods.  One of the added benefits of buying designer jewelry is that most designers offer cleaning services.  Customers of John S. Brana - Handcrafted Fine Jewelry can send their jewelry in at anytime for a free cleaning.


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